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Last week I talked about Souk@SAT on the blog and only a week later I’ve got another ‘craft sale’ to talk about. These 2 events are very different. It’s funny because last year I really enjoyed Souk@SAT and found the smart design mart to be a little uninspiring. This year, I’ve done a full 180. Souk@SAT felt too crowded, my claustrophobic instincts kicked in and I didn’t linger very long nor did I buy anything. In comparison, the smart design mart – which is in a larger space and gives every seller the opportunity to make their own little ‘shop’ in their space – was a breath of fresh air. This event has a less designer, high fashion, exclusive feel to it and that could have explained my increased enthusiasm. I felt I was more likely to buy here.

I was on the hunt for christmas and birthday presents (and me presents of course…) so I made sure I didn’t miss a thing. I actually ended up wanting to buy TOO many things but settled for a few items for myself and a few awesome gifts. Had money not been an option, I would have come home with much more, I assure you. For example the necklaces above, I really wanted them all but I had limited my jewelry presents for myself to ONE thing.

Smart Design Mart was a fun way to spend the afternoon after brunch on Saturday, sipping on homemade black current soda and perusing all the great items for sale by local artists and designers. It makes me very happy to support local designers and buy one of a kind gifts.

My one complaint – no toilet paper in the bathroom! Come on now people.

Keep reading for more photos…

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