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GUYS. This one is a keeper. When faced with the idea of showing up (sans reservations) to brunch on a Saturday in an up and coming MICRO restaurant, I was a little skeptical. La Famille has about 9 seats and on this cold weekend, I wasn’t looking forward to the idea of waiting around for a seat. HOWEVER, we got up bright and early (for a Saturday) and arrived at the restaurant around 10am. Yes, that’s early for weekend brunch!

We sipped our lattes, sitting at the bar while we inspected the choices up on the large blackboard. After asking what in the world Kaki was (answer: persimmon), I knew that would be my choice. I have been pinning persimmon recipes since I found out the fruit existed only about a year ago and have been so curious to try it. I felt too shy to buy the fruit and attempt to make something with it myself so this was a great introduction.

I ordered the toast (freshly sliced from the loaf before my eyes) with caramelized onions, persimmon and aged cheddar. Everything was broiled to get that perfect melty cheese and then topped with an interesting mix of greens. M ordered a croissant topped with boudin, poached egg and apple.

It was a quiet morning in the restaurant and we enjoyed ourselves sitting at the bar, watching our food be prepared. I am already looking forward to going back.

Micro resto La Famille
418, rue Gilford

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  • Em, omg those pics are super great!! They make me want to be in Mtl. just to go to the La Famille, even if I don’t eat much for brunch or lunch. M’s meal looks great and so does yours !!!! These are great pics. for advertising for La Famille, especially the one where the chef is making that magnificent dish – so much concentration on his face. Bet it was delicious, even tho I don’t know what it is besides the poached egg. Great work EM !!!!!!