souk@SAT 2013
This weekend, we checked out Souk@SAT, an annual “craft fair” (quotation marks because this is the classiest craft fair I’ve ever attended). A ton of local designers and creatives sell their items in a beautiful location. I didn’t buy anything this year, we made our way around the different tables rather quickly because the saturday afternoon crowd was a little overwhelming. As usual, there were a lot of great items, just none I really NEEDED so I just looked around and snapped photos instead.

If you missed your chance to check it out, there is also the Smart Design Mart coming up this weekend (see my post last year). And after that, you still have Puces POP holiday edition the following weekend.

Continue reading for more photos of SOUK@SAT…

souk@SAT 2013souk@SAT 2013souk@SAT 2013 souk@SAT 2013souk@SAT 2013 souk@SAT 2013 souk@SAT 2013souk@SAT 2013

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