I am a bit of a brunch snob, I won’t deny it. I have high expectations and if those expectations aren’t met the first (and second) time, I basically cross the restaurant off in my internal brunch list. I cannot stand the sight of a poached egg with the consistency of slime, I can’t put up with cold unfriendly service or overpriced tiny plates of food and I have no patience for a place that charges me for the milk to go in my tea (especially when they accidentally charge me twice on the bill). But if you do brunch right, I will gush about it nonstop and post all those food photos on Instagram.


Last weekend we visited Melbourne Café for a second run at their pop-up brunch with chef Saad Bahbahani that they have been doing most weekends since early November. I am constantly following along on social media to see what each weekend’s brunch menu will be. We love visiting spots that switch up the menu on a regular basis and this place is no exception.

The first time we had brunch there about a month ago, I went with something simple, the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (House roasted matcha and black sesame granola topped with orange blossom yogourt, roasted cashews, blackberries and blueberries). And though Matt’s dish, the Cate Blanchet (Toasted male-no and cheddar cornbread, tomato bacon jam, avocado, crispy bacon, chive sour cream topped with a fried egg) was much more visually appealing, my own dish hit the spot. 

On Sunday, we returned to try some new dishes. Our visits are mostly inspired by their amazing food photography on Instagram, it’s impossible to resist!  I had the Michael Hutchence – who I, embarrassingly, had to google (House made brioche bun loaded with avocado, crispy bacon, fried egg, melted provolone, harissa ketchup and miso mayonnaise with a sweet potato wedge) and Matt ate my bacon. I am sure the flavours of the bacon would have made this sandwich even better but I just don’t eat meat. I couldn’t resist it though, breakfast sandwiches were my jam as a kid. And the runnier the yolk, the better back then. Now I guess I’m more of a prude and avoid yolk face most of the time. Sunday I made an exception and allowed my breakfast to cover my entire face. Extra napkins were necessary and totally worth it. I love a chef who overdoes the avocado, never too much avocado. Matt had the Nicole Kidman (smoked salmon on poppy seed bagel with wasabi cream cheese, yuzu tahini, watercress and soft-boiled egg) and judging by the speed at which he scarfed down his sandwich, he enjoyed his dish too. 

I’m really happy Melbourne decided to offer brunch and hope they keep up the good work. So far they seem to sell out each weekend so I doubt they’ll be stopping any time soon. I love how the cafe is small and cozy and the staff are friendly and accommodating. 

Cafe Melbourne
4615 Boulevard Saint Laurent

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