Hey all! Haven’t posted in a little while, summer has been very busy. I’ve been working some fun projects, including a wedding shoot and some photos for a local gym. I’m also starting up on some wedding invitations, taking calligraphy classes and I am back to taking circus classes! And then there is always the vintage shop (which has been a little neglected these last few weeks but I have lots of fall items to list!) Needless to say, the schedule is pretty full – but I like it that way!

Last weekend we went wine tasting and apple picking, this weekend we are going to Beau’s brewery Oktoberfest. It’s been so nice to be able to fully enjoy this Indian summer and the extra weeks of hot weather in September!

Alright, so I have lots of pics to share in the coming weeks (I promise!) but in the meantime, I wanted to share some info here on my friend Kasey (who creates the awesome playlists on the blog)’s pop up shop here in Montréal in 2 weeks. She’s working really hard on this event and I am excited to support her and see how it all turns out! It is happening between september 30th and October 1st at the Loft Créatif in the mile end.

You can find all the info below and click here to see the Facebook event.

p.s. I buy all my natural deodorants from Savonnerie des Diligences (one of the participating vendors) and they are the best! I get their zero waste versions so they come in glass jars instead of plastic containers. Couldn’t ask for more!


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