December moments

So it’s that time again! Last recap of the year… at least till I write the one reflecting on all of 2017.

December was…. mostly stressful. With important birthdays and Christmas, I often felt like I just couldn’t keep up with my own life. It was as if I was always falling behind. I needed to design and send holiday cards to everyone, I needed to buy/make Christmas presents for 11 people (+ a few birthday presents) and I needed to figure out what I would be eating during a holiday that revolves around the turkey (and in my family’s case it was turkey, duck and chicken). I was mostly just counting down the days to a week off work where I could spend some quality time with my dear friend Netflix, and do all the stuff around the house I had been  neglecting. 

In the end, I found great presents for everyone (and made a few!) and got Matt a one of a kind birthday present that he loved, and in the process I supported a local artist! I tried a brand new vegan recipe (that was anything but simple) for Christmas day dinner and it turned out so good. And of course I got some really great presents too. My mom gave me a digital scale so I don’t need to keep stealing hers to make kimchi anymore. Matt got me a beautiful new cookbook and I got tons of other goodies that really show my family knows me well. 

Otherwise, we got a beautiful tree for the apartment a few weeks back, I decorated it with some awesome vintage rose gold (shatterproof!) ornaments that I found at a thrift store. On Matt’s birthday, we tried a new brunch spot and we have been getting lots of snow! We also were excited to hear that the Montreal pit bull ban was officially suspended to focus on a laws that is not breed-specific but rather protects people from dangerous dogs of any breed. A big thanks to our new mayor.  

Other than the holiday anxieties, it was still a good month, we watched a lot of movies snuggled up on the couch with the pets and made several trips to the market to cook up some hearty meals. And the snow is always welcome this time of year!

I won’t get into details about my hopes for January since I am going to be making a resolution post soon. I want to kick my butt into going to the gym more than once a week, even if the cold suuuuuuucks. I will also be focusing my attention on some new projects and continue working on a few others. We have a long weekend planned in a cottage up north (with a hot tub!) and I am really looking forward to getting away and relaxing by a wood stove just the 2 of us. I also registered for another canning and fermenting workshop! This time it’s all about citrus and I can’t wait to spend another weekend with Camilla and Blake learning new skills. I am also starting my level 2 calligraphy class at the beginning of the month, so in other words, this coming month will be anything but boring! I can’t wait for the days to start getting longer, and to hopefully get out to the skill hill once in January.

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