Photos taken with my iphone. (and is it my imagination or is some punk flipping me the bird in picture 3?)

Since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I have been spending labour day weekend at Brome Fair. The highlights have changed through the years, once it was about rides, 25 cent crane machines and candy and mini donuts. It hasn’t changed much in the 29 years I’ve been going and my excitement is still mostly about the sugary donuts. It was fun to go to the fair with both my sisters, I can’t recall the last time that happened. We celebrated the rare event by all wearing hats. I pulled out my old cowboy boots and we walked around, ate lots of fried food and then ate more. We went back to my parents place (for more food of course) for a get-together with some old familiar faces. We enjoyed some moonshine (that stuff goes down TOO easy) and then filled our bellies with bbq and corn, telling stories, drinking and reminiscing about our shared childhood, doing the weirdest things to keep ourselves occupied in the boonies as kids. And we didn’t even talk about the times we ran away from cows we thought were chasing us (but that really couldn’t give 2 shits about some kids running through the field). Ah the stories we could tell, they never cease to amuse us.

On Sunday, after a terrible moonshine-affected sleep, I headed to pole class for a good workout before meeting up with my sisters for a late lunch at Aux Vivres, one of our favourite vegan spots in town. We all shared a dragon bowl, a ‘blt’ and a veggie lox sandwich. After lunch, we walked around the sidewalk sale, enjoying (and alternately cursing at) one of the last scorching hot days of the summer.

It was a good family filled weekend. Just one more and then Steph is back in Australia for the next 15 or so months. But at least we get to spend next christmas with them.

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