We spent most of the weekend at my parents’ place in the country. My good friend Jenny got married to her long time boyfriend on Saturday and we were lucky enough to be part of their special day. We drove down early Saturday morning – after a quick stop for St Viateur bagels for my dad. We stopped at the church sale for some good old thrifting, where Matt found his long lost floaty from his childhood – it still fits! I came home with some (more) cast iron pots and pans (with wood handles!), some records, a few purses, some mugs, a glass rolling pin, another macrame plant hanger, a purse and some oversized clip on earrings.

Then after a perusal of the flea market (I got a genesis album for 1$) and a quick lunch with my mom, we put on some fancy clothes and headed to the wedding. The bride was BE-YOU-TIFUL in a sleeveless gown with a long train and she was a blast to watch up on the alter “making Nicki Minaj faces” – as her mom referred to her expressive faces throughout the ceremony. Afterwards, we ate, drank and danced the night away on the outdoor dance floor. (I have lots of pictures to share later this week.)

We slept in a little on Sunday after the party. A few bagels and caffeinated drinks later in the backyard, we decided to take advantage of the warm summer day and hike up the mountain with my mom. I got to test out my Merrell hiking boots I thrifted a few weeks ago (verdict – they are awesome). When we got back to the house a few hours later, we went out to pick up some ingredients to make some mushroom lentil burgers which we barbecued and enjoyed with a side of roasted potatoes and shallots before we headed back up to the city.

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