I’m taking a break from instagram this month but that doesn’t stop me from taking pictures with my phone.

A few snapshots from the weekend. Dinner Friday night at la Salle à Manger. It was a long week so we treated ourselves to a nice dinner and bottle of wine. As one of the few fancier restaurants in Montreal who always has a vegetarian option, I’m a big fan of this place. I had the farroto with local mushrooms (a sort of risotto but with a nutty and chewier grain, farro which I googled at the table so I could see what I was ordering beforehand). It was delicious with a rich creamy cheesy sauce.

On Saturday, we got up early and walked up to Little Italy to taste the much talked about Cronetto (a donut/croissant hybrid based on the popular Cronut in NY) at La Cornetteria. I would walk a 500 miles just to take another bite of these sweet buttery sugary treats. We went shopping for some new dress clothes for M – who will be accompanying me to a friend’s wedding next week – and I must say the ladies will be very jealous of my handsome arm candy. We then went for brunch at another of our usual spots, Reservoir. (Owned by the same people as Salle a Manger so I pretty much always have a veggie option to choose from.) We stayed in Saturday night and cooked some chickpea curry on coconut rice and some raw coconut brownies for dessert. This was my first time making raw brownies and it will NOT be the last. Delicious and much less guilt involved in the face stuffing.

Sunday morning M walked me to my yoga class in old Montreal and the workout was later rewarded with some homemade aubergine lasagna, wine and garlic bread. And leftover brownies of course.

And not one insta was grammed.

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  • Oh my lanta, that doughnut/croissant goodness is making my mouth water! Let me know how your one month sans social media goes. I’m so tempted to do the same with facebook… miss ya em!! XO