I just returned from a week in sunny San Diego where I visited my friend Jaimee and spent a few days at the Adobe Max conference. It was the perfect moment to get away to California for a week. Work has been very busy so I needed to disconnect a little. And I knew I could count on Jaimee to get dressed up with me on halloween since I was arriving on the 30th. 

She sewed us up some costumes in her studio and I painted pumpkin seeds black then hot glued them to my costume. I was a strawberry, she was a pineapple. I figured that would be proportional considering she is so tall and I am so short. What can I say, opposites attract!

I spent the beginning of the week alternating between hanging out at the studio while she taught sewing classes and relaxing at the house, sunbathing in the backyard. When I walked over to meet her during her classes, I would stare – mesmerized – at all the cute little houses in Mission Hill. Not just the houses, but the greenery. I couldn’t get enough of all the green everywhere. Backyards were overflowing with cacti, palm trees, succulents and all kinds of other plants that you definitely don’t see on anyone’s lawn in Quebec. Mostly because they would all die come winter. Everything was so lush and green despite the fact that it barely rains there. I visited San Diego once before but the plants weren’t as memorable then. I think the ocean was much more exciting to me, it was perhaps the first time I had seen it on the west coast? My maiden voyage to California back in 2012, hard to believe it took me so long to visit.

I spent the end of the week at the convention centre learning about all things Adobe. I was inspired by their keynote speakers that included Quentin Tarantino, Janet Echelman (who made this suspended sculpture) and other fascinating people telling their stories to a room filled with 10,000 creatives. I attended some really interesting workshops and sessions. This industry changes so fast that it is difficult to keep up with all the new things. It was nice to see what’s new for 2017 and what technologies they are working on for the future. 

After the week was over, we celebrated at Tajima Ramen Bar. I was excited to try their vegan ramen and it did not disappoint. Then we spent a relaxing weekend enjoying brunch, driving around in the jeep Jaimee’s had since high school and checking out some local spots I had not yet discovered. I also got to watch 9 year olds playing soccer and a kids’ music recital. Soccer mom life preview. I was fascinated to see they have ice cream vans (that look extremely sketchy) at the soccer field and I treated myself to a nut bar, all the while hoping I wouldn’t get abducted by the ice cream man.

On Monday morning before I had to catch my flight home, we dropped Ava off at school and went out searching for a cute spot for breakfast. We agreed on a place that was part coffee shop, part flower shop, part gift shop, part plant nursery. Quite the concept, we weren’t sure what to expect from this (perhaps too) trendy spot. We both ordered avocado toast (duh) and I ordered a lavender honey latte that was as good (or better?) than it sounds. I’ve been craving one ever since and have no idea where I could get my hands on one locally. The avocado toast really met all my expectations for the overly popular dish. The toast wasn’t too crusty to bite through, the avocado was perfectly ripe, with a healthy dusting of salt and the egg was just under hard boiled – which means no disgusting white goo. I just can’t deal with the goo. Now every hipster breakfast in my future will fall short compared to Monday’s. What can ya do, can’t go through life fearing avocado disappointment. 





















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