Breakfast is probably my favourite meal. I could eat eggs or pancakes any time of day but there’s just something about those slow weekend mornings where I might drink a cup or 2 of coffee before even figuring out what I’m in the mood for or what I have in the fridge. Unlike weekdays when I usually whip up a smoothie to absentmindedly drink on my subway/bus ride to work while I read a book, weekends are for slow mornings and usually… EGGS. I love eggs. I grew up on a farm, the eggs went from the barn floor to our plates in no time flat. (We might have wiped them off first.) And I don’t care what anyone says, brown eggs just taste better.

Friday night, after getting home late from my first trapeze/silks class, I had a ripe avocado and strong craving for guacamole. After I indulged my late night craving with salty tortilla chips and a quick guac. dip, I had to stop myself from making more because I knew I wanted to save the other half of the avocado for breakfast Saturday.

Very similar to a guacamole dip, I simply chopped up some grape tomatoes, half of an avocado and some yellow onion and stirred it up with some lime juice. The freshness of the mix was a good contrast to the warm egg and baked sweet potato wedges baked with garlic and pepper.

Makes me wish there were more slow mornings to be enjoyed in my life. Would we still appreciate them if they happened more often or would we just take them for granted like everything else?

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    • It’s also delicious to put a poached egg on an avocado half, cover in marinara sauce and cheese and then bake for a bit. Mmmm.

  • Oh god, this looks good. I love slow breakfasts on the weekends and I’m definitely going to try this next weekend! As always, your photos mind-numbingly beautiful to look at. Who knew I could look at an egg and avocado for so long :)