HEY! How’s that new year working out for you all? Can you believe we’re pretty much done with the 2 first months of 2017? What is happening? Is time going by so fast for everyone? It’s definitely a time of the year that I don’t mind too much speeding through. The days are short, the weather is cold. But now the days are starting to be longer and the light at the end of the tunnel is visible (just a little) again.
On my end, the light is just a tiny distance away, I can almost reach out and touch it. Because tonight (yikes) I will be hopping on multiple planes and heading to Australia for a few weeks! It still feels unreal to me at the moment, I think it will hit me once I am sitting on the plane with 30 hours of traveling ahead. I’ve packed up my summer clothes and can’t wait to wear cotton, linen, cutoffs and sun hats! Can you tell I’m starting to get excited??? If you want to follow along, I will undoubtedly be oversharing pictures on Instagram but look at your own risk, it may create extreme envy. There has been lots of white in my Instagram feed as of late but lots of blue ocean on the way.

Now the reason we are here, we have a new playlist for you! Since February is the month of love, here’s a playlist all about it.


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