November moments

It feels as though I was just writing October’s post yesterday. I’m not sure where the month has gone. It’s getting colder out, and we’ve had a few snowfalls so it’s starting to actually feel like the holidays are around the corner. Which always makes me start to stress about present shopping. I have a lot of people to shop for and I love buying thoughtful gifts that are also environmentally friendly so I put a lot of pressure on my shopping choices. Luckily there are a lot of holiday pop up sales from local makers so I’m hoping to find some good gifts from Montreal companies in the coming weeks.

Otherwise, this month I’ve been taking my pottery classes on Monday nights. Though the walk home after class has gotten chillier and chillier, it’s a very relaxing 3 hours in my week. And this time around I get to try some new shapes and sizes I didn’t last spring. I’m hoping to take the level 2 class next spring when the days area little longer and the weather warms up. It’s been a quieter month, which allowed for a few visits to the movie theatre (hadn’t done that in a while) and some dinner dates. We even went out to brunch at some of our favorite spots, Lawrence and Le Sain Bol and spent a Sunday morning walking up the mountain with king, in all the new snow. I guess November was about doing the things I hadn’t been able to make time for recently.

I’ve also been taking advantage of being indoors more by working on organizing different parts of the condo. We bought a new desk this month, A big industrial piece from the 50s and it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home now. We’ve been working on that little corner, to get it all set up for me to work at. We also did some Black Friday shopping at the plant store up the street and I came home with a little monstera plant to add to the collection. Our home just keeps looking better and better with each little addition to it.

In other news, my kombucha was finally ready to drink this week and I am happy to say I’ve started up a new batch to be enjoyed in another 2 weeks. At this rate, I will always have a nice fizzy drink waiting in the fridge. I just have to drink them a little slowly, and not let my mom anywhere near my fridge.

That’s about it for November, and I think December will have a similar feel. I am excited for lots of weekend afternoons spent on the couch with wool socks and lots of blankets, watching silly movies. I imagine us popping out for some tasty brunches before we run back home to hide from the cold. We will probably buy a little Christmas tree to put in the corner and make lots of mulled wine and tea to stay toasty. I’m looking forward to having the last week of the month off work to have some guilt-free days off with no big plans. And to trying some new or old recipes for vegetarian dishes for Christmas with the family. Just a few more weeks left!

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