I am always on the hunt for new coffee shops around my neighbourhood – not to mention neighbouring neighbourhoods. Always in search of unique places with charm, natural light and of course, free wifi. A few weeks back, I met a friend for coffee and she suggested September Surf Café in Little Burgundy. This pretty little coffee shop is also home to a “public surfboard workshop” in the back room where you can learn to shape your own surfboard.

I don’t think I will ever be owning a surfboard, though I did beg my family for one in high school. They refused since there was no where to surf. Little did they know that river surfing would become a popular sport around here. Which I tried out when I was about 20 years old. Because duh, I love all things surf related. 14 year old me would have died of jealousy!

Back to the subject at hand, I couldn’t say no to checking out this café with the word surf in the name. We fought tooth and nail to find an available space for 2 people to sit side by side. No easy feat in a cafe filled with students and freelancers. We both ordered coffees and since I was hoping to test their fares, I ordered the cheese toast. Because who can say no to cheese and toast.

The coffee date was a success and I even brought another friend there the following week for a good cup of jo.

September Surf
2471 Notre-Dame West – Montréal
514. 934. 5000


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